Examples of Projects


Functional coastal engineering

The optimized fit-in of coastal protection measures into the natural frame requires a solid analysis of natural processes. Adaption to the morphodynamic processes prevent lavish and costly measures of maintenance.

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Beach protection and development

A touristical usage of beaches requires that they are wide and high enough. A local examination of beach protection measures often leads to negative influences on neighbouring regions so that beaches are destroyed.

Integrated concepts are able recognize negative development of measures to neighbouring regions and minimize their influences.


Sediment transport, silting, sand exploration

The natural sediment availability and the sediment transport often is a crucial factor of the success of measures in coastal regions. These parameters must be known for making expertises of possible development of coastal protection measures.

Tracer studies can supply important information to this.



Hydronumerical modelling

Numerical models can help to predict the possible effects of measures on the coast and can help to predict the reaction of the coast to changing hydodynamical influences. Numerical modelling of the reaction of the coastline to changing hydrodynamical influences was successfully done for example for the island of Sylt.

We are working with software like MIKE 21, LITPACK, GENESIS, SBEACH, DYNLET, SWAN etc.


Geographical informationsystems (GIS)

This is a quick and efficient method to show and interprete different information of possible influences of measures to the nature on the basis of digital data.

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Remote Sensing

Remote sensing in combination with GIS is especially effective for data sampling and monitoring, but without verifying the data a remote sensing is not really a reliable method. Our company especially turns it's attention to verification. Those investigations are undertaken in cooperation with GEOSAT/Croatia.


Physical and chemical environmental analysis

Physical and chemical analysis in (not only) marine environments are a classic instrumentarium for the evaluation of the environment. These investigations can give some information on the sources and the transport pathes.


Marine geophysics

Geophysical mapping for example with Side-Scan-Sonar allows a quick overview of the structures of the seafloor.


Integrated coastal zone management (ICZM )

The natural circumtances of coastal zones and landscapes are only one part in a development of a ICZM/ILZM. Another part are the socioeconomic demands of people who are living there. An intensive dialog with the affected people and authorities is necessary for a sustainable development regarding the Agenda 21.

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